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What is PR anyway?

Public Relations defined

Public Relations is the methods and activities employed to establish and promote a favorable relationship with the public. Though it’s similar to advertising and promotions, PR is all about creating a strong public image through the media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and even blogs) by receiving a mention in editorial. Unlike advertising, public relations is not controlled by your agency/publicist. We supply relevant information and encourage coverage, but ultimately writers and editors control the outcome.

Why you need it

If you aren’t saying anything, what are you really saying?

How will the public know about you and how great you are, if you don’t tell them? Toot your own horn. The media is constantly looking for newsworthy information; you just have to give it to them. By pitching your story to bloggers, newspaper and magazine editors, and TV and radio producers, it becomes news. And if your news is interesting or genuinely useful, they will use it. People believe what they read in the news is true and valuable information. Imagine if your name was in front of them frequently – they’ll remember who you are, associate with you, and you might even get some new clients.

How it works

The truth is that the media is fickle. In a perfect world, editors, writers, and producers would find your story fascinating on the spot. But in the real world, it takes skilled handiwork and strong media relation skills to make your story a standout among the pile of mail in their inbox. At Embark, we use various tactics and channels when pitching a client to the media.

Utilizing our excellent connections and media know-how, we get your story in front of media connections whose audience is your audience. If they feel it could be of interest to their readers, it usually results in a news article. Voila, "free" press.

Why Embark?

PR is fundamentally a trade of creative ideas combined with skill, capability, and relationships. Your first step is to hire a savvy PR and marketing firm who thoroughly understands your company’s business, its clients potential clients, AND the media. They should be fun and imaginative, and what inspires them should be your story. This is where we come in. We get to know your target audience and understand your business, meaning we can effectively communicate your message to the media and get results.

Now, are you ready to Embark?

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