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Ghostwriting - Marketer's Best Friend

Marketing is all fun and games, until you have a daunting writing task on your To-Do. To many, copywriting is a tedious and time-consuming task. Whether it's web site or brochure copy, an Op Ed article, blog post, or press materials, it's best to leave it to the pros. Embark has over 17 years' experience writing in and for the business world for companies ranging from restaurants and retail, to commercial real estate, construction, market research and more. We make sure your project is stress-free and a journey we can both enjoy. And, you'll get the "attaboy." (That's why it's called ghostwriting). Contact us for writing samples, and to learn how make Embark your best friend.

Near or Far...Where are We on Publicist and Media Relationships?

I've been in the PR industry for over 16 years (that's quite a lot considering I'm only 29), and times have certainly changed. Sometimes I think it's for the better, and then other times, not so much. How far are we from the days where relationships between publicists and reporters/editors were respected and mutually beneficial? I've talked before about how today's digital world puts pressure on reporters to get content out there, and quickly. Publicists to some extent feel this stress because we too, want our clients' news out there in a timely manner, but in a factual and favorable way. Clients, on the other hand, don't understand the workings of the media, and frankly, don't have the tim

#PR for #LPC #CRE

If you know what all these acronyms mean, you get a special prize. We recently worked with Lincoln Property Company's commercial third-party management division in Dallas to announce adding 400 Record to their portfolio. The Class-A property is an icon in Dallas' Central Business District. Lincoln will manage the 17-story, 235,000-square-foot asset, which is home to tenants such as City Electric Supply, Labora Group and The Tot, as well as French brasserie Bullion by Michelin-starred Chef Bruno Davaillon. The story was picked up by D CEO, Commercial Property Executive, and Have a story you want to 'go the distance?' We're ready to Embark.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay

We're proud to represent several women entrepreneurs whose stories inspire us today and everyday. To learn more about them, visit us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

PR, a Proactive Practice

There's very few things you can control in this industry, with this exception. Public Relations isn't something just any marketing professional can do well. Why? Generally PR is a very time sensitive practice which requires planning and a proactive approach. When I know a client has big news coming up, I try to stay in front of it. I request information ahead of time, so we can have a press release out immediately when the time comes. Reporters in this very digital world are pushed to create unique digital and printed content, and they want the story first and right away! And we don’t want someone to get the jump on us. If our timely press release goes out first, we can ensure media outlets



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