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PR, a Proactive Practice

There's very few things you can control in this industry, with this exception.

Public Relations isn't something just any marketing professional can do well. Why? Generally PR is a very time sensitive practice which requires planning and a proactive approach. When I know a client has big news coming up, I try to stay in front of it. I request information ahead of time, so we can have a press release out immediately when the time comes. Reporters in this very digital world are pushed to create unique digital and printed content, and they want the story first and right away! And we don’t want someone to get the jump on us. If our timely press release goes out first, we can ensure media outlets have the correct information. Although we can't control the coverage/how it is presented to the public, we can control the timeliness of getting the information out there.

If you have something newsworthy to announce, get us involved early! Rest assured, we won't be lazing around the pool when it's 'Go Time'. We're always ready to Embark.

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